SI Units and Prefixes

SI Units and Prefixes

The following lesson is from Force and Motion, part of the Interactive Physics Book series. If you like it, check out The Electric Force, available now on  iTunes, Amazon, and Nook.                                                         […]

Distance around circles

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These are pages from Math and Motion, an interactive physics textbook created for the iPad.  It is now available on the iBook Store. Please put any comments, corrections, or suggestions to make these pages better in the comments below.  

Distance and Displacement

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Here is a lesson from the Force and Motion book on Distance and Displacement.  I’m still working on another example showing a displacement calculation and some questions for the end of the section.  I’ll update this post when I do those. Please leave a comment if you find anything wrong or would like something more […]

Solving for X


This lesson is from Force and Motion, the first in the Interactive Physics Book Series of textbooks written for the iPad that will be available in the Fall of 2012.  Book four in the series.  It is only one of many algebra lessons in the book and only works for simple one-term equations.  Methods for […]

Electric Charge Lesson


The following lesson uses pages out of The Electric Force, an interactive textbook created for the iPad. To purchase the book click here. If you are a Kindle/Nook user you can find the book in that format by clicking your brand (Kindle/Nook). [A note to teachers: I require my students to keep a notebook.  Lessons […]