New Update To Arduino, Programming, Circuits, and Physics

Image of Distance Sensor section

As promised, I am writing new sections for the Arduino book and releasing them as I finish them. I just added two new sections. One section is on using a photocell to measure light and the other is on using an ultrasonic distance sensor. They are all in a new chapter called Sensors. I’ll be […]

Alex Lindsay and Leo Laporte talk about my Arduino book on MacBreak Weekly!

Alex Lindsay talking about my Arduino ibook on MacBreak Weekly.

First of all, oh man.  I uploaded that book way before it was “done” knowing that I had plenty of work still to do on it, but wanting to get it out there for teachers to use.  I put it up at $.99 on the iBook Store (you can find it here) thinking that teachers […]

Arduino, Programming, Circuits, and Physics


I’ve been secretly writing a new book on using Arduino in the physics classroom.  I have so much to do still on it, but I am trying it out on my students soon and figured why not allow others to use it and maybe help me find mistakes or places that need help.   It’s […]