New Update To Arduino, Programming, Circuits, and Physics

Image of Distance Sensor section

As promised, I am writing new sections for the Arduino book and releasing them as I finish them. I just added two new sections. One section is on using a photocell to measure light and the other is on using an ultrasonic distance sensor. They are all in a new chapter called Sensors. I’ll be […]

Alex Lindsay and Leo Laporte talk about my Arduino book on MacBreak Weekly!

Alex Lindsay talking about my Arduino ibook on MacBreak Weekly.

First of all, oh man.  I uploaded that book way before it was “done” knowing that I had plenty of work still to do on it, but wanting to get it out there for teachers to use.  I put it up at $.99 on the iBook Store (you can find it here) thinking that teachers […]

Gravity Is Available Now On iBook Store!


  Gravity has been on the iBook Store for a few months now, but still has not been put on the physics page.  I have no idea what they do or how they do things at the iBook Store, but it’s there in the system if you do a search.  You can also follow this […]

Arduino, Programming, Circuits, and Physics


I’ve been secretly writing a new book on using Arduino in the physics classroom.  I have so much to do still on it, but I am trying it out on my students soon and figured why not allow others to use it and maybe help me find mistakes or places that need help.   It’s […]

New Book Coming! Gravity


I’m moving fast with the new book “Gravity”! I’m starting with newtonian gravity, some Kepler’s Laws, and some other fun subjects.  There will be some more modern gravitational theory such as space-time curvature and gravitational lensing in there, but only at a basic level.  My new plan is  to put out short booklets of 30-50 […]

New Pages Completed In The Gravity Section


Hubble’s Law

Hubble's Law by Tony Farley

If you have read The Electric Force, you know that I like to have a section in each unit about a relevant scientist.  For my velocity unit, I chose to do a section about Edwin Hubble.  Hubble was so important to our understanding of the size and dynamics of the universe.  Here is the first […]

Electric Charge Lesson


The following lesson uses pages out of The Electric Force, an interactive textbook created for the iPad. To purchase the book click here. If you are a Kindle/Nook user you can find the book in that format by clicking your brand (Kindle/Nook). [A note to teachers: I require my students to keep a notebook.  Lessons […]